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J.D. Solar Panel Solutions

Servicing Los Angeles and all surrounding areas! We are one of the most trusted solar panel installers in LA. Our technicians use the latest technology and are suited for all residential and commercial customers.

Our Promise

No Unexpected Costs

After we find out your requirements, we give you a price that doesn’t go up.

No Long Waits

Our team will get to work right away and make sure that the job is completed on time.

Quality, Guaranteed

Our company takes quality assurance seriously, and our results always leave our customers happy.

About J.D. Solar Panel Solutions

We have come a long way since we first started out, and we’re very proud to be one of the leading suppliers of solar energy, roof mounting, and solar batteries in LA. We believe that to achieve a greener and more sustainable future you need to use the right methodology to renewable energy. Our approach is different, and it keeps us ahead of our competition and keeps our solutions accessible and affordable to everyone.

solar panel repair los angeles

Our Services

We are leading the industry when it comes to LA solar systems. J.D. Solar Panel Solutions are here to provide the highest quality solar products at unrivaled prices.

Solar Panel Installation

We are well experienced in providing first-class solar panel installations for both residential and commercial customers. Our trained engineers will skillfully build a turn-key solar system for you in the most efficient way possible and will oversee your product from planning, installing, and maintaining the system.

Solar Panel Repair

J.D. Solar has led the way for utility-scale sonar solutions in recent years. The demand for these solar systems is growing, which has allowed us to grow our experience and expertise when it comes to delivering them to our customers.

Solar Roof Shingles

We use roof-mounting fixtures that are industrially code-compliant, of great value, and durable. We know how crazy the weather can get in LA sometimes, and that’s why all of our roof mounting systems are completely weatherproof and sealed.

Solar Panel Inverters

The dashboards that come with our solar battery storage systems are genius. They are simple and user-friendly and allow you to control your energy use and storage through your smartphone or tablet. The solar batteries we have here at J.D. Solar Panel Solutions offer our customers great value when it comes to prices per kilowatt-hour.

Bespoke Solutions Available

We know that people have different needs when it comes to improving their energy efficiency. Reach out to us to hear about our tailor-made solar solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price varies according to a number of factors, but you can rest assured that we review our prices to make sure they are the most competitive on the market

Yes, you do. Any extension to a property, whether residential or commercial, normally needs authorization. It can become a serious issue if installations are made on properties without asking for the appropriate permits. With this in mind, it’s essential to obey the relevant stipulations that apply to your area and building before purchasing from renewable energy companies.

Of course! Whatever your requirement is for solar panels, we’ve got you covered and you can soon look forward to a more eco-friendly home and improved energy bills.

Yes, it’s your property! Something to remember though: the location, position, and angle of the panels is something that will be measured during the planning stages, as there are certain requirements in order to make them the most efficient and energy-producing.

Generally, yes. However, the extent of the value is dependent on the local housing market fluctuations and the quality of the panels.



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