How To Design A Solar System

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    Planning is the initial step you need to take before switching to solar power.

    Think of adding solar panels as adding any other appliance and large tool inside your property.

    You’ll need time to scout the area, perform some calculations and modify some layout in the space.

    As such, if you’re not confident with setting up panels by yourself, you need to contact some experts in Los Angeles to do so.

    We are J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, and we provide our solar panel installation services in town.

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    We know how to install these panels and systems in various types of establishments and buildings.

    So you may ask us, how to design a solar system?

    There are many things to consider when you first set up large panels in the location.

    Step 1: Analyze the power consumption every month

    The first thing to do is analyze the power consumption from your current power source.

    Get your monthly utility bills and look at the consumption so you’ll know which size and how many panels you should install.

    Outline all your appliances and get the Watt-hours of each daily.

    If you can, account for the differences of the system by adding some extra Watt-hours for things you miss out on.

    If you currently have an energy monitor, get the breakdown.

    Step 2: Plan the layout in your home

    Next is to analyze your home building.

    Is the roof strong enough to handle multiple panel installations for years to come?

    For newer homes, roofing systems can handle heavy loads.

    For older homes, you may need to renovate the roofs first to provide support for the panels.

    If your property has a good foundation for additional devices, then consider the panels after.

    Step 3: Take into consideration weather conditions

    While switching to solar power is a good alternative, it may not be the solution you’re looking for.

    Analyze weather conditions in your location.

    Since solar power systems depend on the sun and solar energy, not all places will benefit from solar panels.

    Don’t push through with panels if you think the sun doesn’t shine that much in your area; you’ll have reliability issues with solar energy unless you have a backup power source.

    There are other alternatives you can consider for clean electricity production.

    Step 4: Select the solar panel system package that fits the average consumption

    Finally, you are already in the check for average power consumption, layout, and weather conditions.

    It’s time to choose the brand and model for your installation.

    There are various brands in the market for your first panels.

    You don’t need to get advanced models immediately unless you have the budget for it.

    Using the power consumption, get the number of panels that can collect enough solar energy convertible for Watt-hour totals of your home power consumption.

    Step 5: Prepare for the setup and initialization

    Prepare for the installation process of the solar panels.

    Contact professionals for the job as you’ll need a lot of legwork and manpower to carry and mount the panels.

    You’ll need professionals who know how to deal with switching your home from a current power source to a battery storage device.

    We are here to give you our work.

    We are J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, and we can help you with how to design a solar system tailor-fitted to your property and personal power consumptio

    Solar panel installation in Los Angeles

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    Let’s work together to use the most abundant energy source in our solar system.

    The sun is always beneficial long-run-wise.

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    We are J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, and we offer our work in the area.

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    Whether you want to add solar panels to your commercial space or you want to have a solar-powered home, give our team a call.

    Let’s plan the best way to integrate solar innovations into your property.

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