How to make a solar panel – Complete Instructions

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    Solar Panel is one of the greatest technologies among other technologies. It is playing a very important role in our daily life. Mostly in the summer season, people use solar panels to produce electricity. The solar panel is a technology to produce electricity by using sunlight. Its working totally depends upon the sun. So, here today in this article I will tell you how to make a solar panel.

    Production of Crystalline Solar Module:

    The solar crystalline module consists of the following:

    • Solar Cells
    • Glass
    • EVA
    • Back sheet
    • Frame

    Solar panels are of three types:

    • Monocrystalline solar panels
    • Polycrystalline solar panels
    • Thin film solar panels

    Well at the Cell structure level there are different types of materials for manufacturing. These materials are mono-silicon, polysilicon, or amorphous silicon. Below mentioned are a few steps for making a solar panel.

    Step No 1: (Sand)

    Sand is a raw material in our case. Most solar panels are made of silicon. Silicon is the most common component of the beach sand. The conversion of sand into silicon is not easy. It demands a high cost. So step no is that, build your Solar silicon cells that may be n-type or p-type.

    Step No 2: (Assembling the solar cells)

    After completing your first step, start working on assembling the solar cells. You can watch a video tutorial on youtube regarding assembling solar cells. The bottom end of the cell is the positively charged side and the upper end of the solar cell is the negatively charged side.

    Step No 3: (Creation of holes for connections)

    The third step is to create holes in the frame for proper connection. Because when you will place your solar cells on the frame, there should be a proper connection. If there is no proper connection then the solar cells will not be fixed properly.

    Step No 4: (Place the solar cells by using adhesive)

    Now place your solar cells over the frame one by one. Use any type of adhesive for this purpose. I would recommend glue! It is the best adhesive to use and it will give good adhesive quality.

    Step No 5: (Soldering of wire)

    After hooking up all the solar cells on the frame, Take 22 gauge wire for soldering. Connect some connectors at the end of leads to make your soldering process possible.

    Step No 6: (Electric Side)

    Basically, you need a charge controller, a deep-cycle battery, and an investor. Hook all these three things up and this will be your electrical side. To hook those up together is fairly simple.

    Step No 7: (Install the junction box)

    Now you need to install a junction box onto the back side of the solar panel. Because most solar panels have junction boxes. If the charge controller does not prevent the backflow of the current then you also need to install the blocking diode onto the solar panel.

    Final Thoughts

    Solar panels are not very difficult to make. You can make it yourself. Just you need to take care of some technical things. Many of them I have mentioned in this article. So, in this article, I have told you how to make a solar panel. I hope this will be informative for you.

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