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    Solar panels are one of the biggest investments of today’s generation.

    Yes, it may take quite some time before our investments give us a satisfactory ROI but the benefits of owning one are something that we should consider.

    Solar panels are always exposed to the sun.

    It is on the roof where it can absorb solar energy or sunlight which would then undergo a fast conversion to electrical energy.

    Scientifically, photon energy from the sun undergoes a photovoltaic effect on the solar panels which makes it possible to generate electrical energy.

    Yet, we can never avoid distractions and possible damages on the panels caused by animals and extreme weather changes.

    Animals, such as rodents, pigeons, other birds, and environmental issues can somehow destroy or damage our solar panels.

    For this reason, solar panel edge trim makes it possible to avoid such damages and other external issues by simply trimming the edges.

    Luckily, J.D. Solar Panel Solutions have solar panel edge trim services that can prevent such issues from happening.

    We have other services like panel installation and repairs.

    For more information, call our customer service team and we will be happy to offer our hands to help.

    Edge Trim – Design and Benefits

    Solar panel edge trim is a protective abatement system that can avoid rodents and pigeons from damaging our solar panels.

    By design, it is an all-weather and long-lasting protective kind of case placed on the photovoltaic cells.

    It allows air to circulate underneath the panels by maintaining a protective area between the roof and the panels.

    The modern design of trim edges does not require bolts, rivets, and screws for installation.

    Rather, it has a peel-and-stick option making it more accessible and easy to install.

    Here are the benefits of having our solar panels edge trimmed:


     As mentioned above, trim edges allow a gap between the roof and the panels.

    This gap allows the air to circulate which is also helpful in the ventilation of the solar panel system.

    It maintains airflow and is very durable to various weather changes.

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Solar panels can already add value to our property.

    With the additional edge trim, it will look more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

    It improves the curb appeal of the panels and is efficient for we can avoid a series of repairs.

    Return of Investment

    One of the most important factors is its return on investment capabilities.

    Meaning, a long-lasting solar panel without damages can surely bring a lot of investments in the long run.

    We can avoid repairs, damages, and other possible line issues that can disrupt the flow of energy during the conversion.

    With the help of solar panel edge trims, we can expect greater returns and more valuable outcomes.

    Easy to Install

    As mentioned above, edge trims have a “peel-and-stick” option making them easier to attach along the edges of our existing panels.

    To those who want a more traditional style, we can install edge trims with bolts and rivets to make it sturdier and durable.

    With all of these benefits, one cannot deny that solar panel edge trim is a great innovation that can protect our panels from damages.

    Installing such can be beneficial provided that a reliable team will handle the installation.

    J.D. Solar Panel Solutions on Edge Trims

    Solar panel edge trims by a trusted solar panel company are something that we need to have.

    Along with all the benefits, we can gain and enjoy easier and economically efficient bills that are within our budgets.

    J.D. Solar Panel Solutions have various solar panel services that are within our budgets.

    To those who wanted to switch from old roofing sheets to solar-paneled ones, partner with J.D. Solar and we can give you satisfactory service.

    We have a team for installations and staff for repairs on the accessories and main lines.

    For over years in the field, we use international standards and techniques to avoid issues later on.

    Furthermore, we give advice and consultations to interested owners regarding how solar panels work and their benefits.

    For more information, call our customer service team and we will be happy to give our hands in service.

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