About Us

J.D. Solar Panel Solutions

We’re J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, a locally owned and operated company here in the wonderful city of LA. For years, we’ve provided our community with solar panels, helping our customers save money and have a lower carbon footprint at the same time. Our exceptional customer service alongside our unbeatable value for quality, durability, and prices, is what we believe sets us apart from the rest.

With the solar power industry booming, it’s never been more important to choose a company that you can trust. We’ve been in the industry for years and have huge experience fitting solar panels on both residential and huge commercial properties. We genuinely love helping our customers and making them feel at ease with a topic that is largely unfamiliar to them.

Thanks to some invaluable relationships we’ve developed with a strict few sets of suppliers over the years, we’re able to bring our customers the highest quality parts, renowned for durability, performance, and value. It’s because of this that we’re able to offer a fully comprehensive warranty on not only the workmanship we provide but every part also. In other words, if something was to go wrong, then we’ll put it right. No questions asked.

Equipped with the latest and greatest that modern technology has to offer, we’re able to get the job done faster and better than ever before. We settle for nothing less than perfection, but we also don’t take longer than we should.

If you need some further assistance, then why not give our specialists a call? They’re fully up-to-date on industry trends and can provide FREE quotations. Thanks for choosing J.D. Solar Panel Solutions!