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    Transitioning from a solar-paneled roof into a solar roof shingle is one big thing to consider.

    Solar roof shingles mimic the design and purpose of normal roofing material like asphalt or slate.

    One thing that makes it a bit better and different is that it can generate electricity by converting solar energy to heat and consumable power.

    Technically, BIPV or building-integrated photovoltaics boasts a unique advantage in energy-saving and promotes a renewable energy solution to everyone.

    J.D. Solar Panel Solutions offer solar roof shingle services from production to installation.

    We have a team for design and also take time to provide a quality service by committing ourselves during the whole process.

    Call our team and we will be happy to talk about the design, production, and installation of solar roof shingles.

    Reasons For Installing Solar Roof Shingles

    Advancements in technology make a lot of things easier and faster.

    Of course, changing the old roofing material into solar roof shingles can be beneficial in a lot of ways.

    Studies throughout the years about solar energy consumption, panels, and shingles can boost our property’s value aesthetically and technically.


    Solar roof shingles are durable and can last for a long period of time.

    On average, a solar roof shingle can last for a decade or two before it needs extreme repair and replacements.

    When properly maintained, these shingles can last for three decades while providing a well-powered area using renewable energy.


    Solar roof shingles use TFSC or thin-film solar cells from copper indium gallium selenide which is a material ideal for conduction.

    Thus, this material is widely known to have a high rate of conversion from solar energy to renewable energy.

    With this, a lot of consumers wanted to shift from normal roofing sheets into an advance provided that we can avoid surging electrical bills.


    Unlike solar panels, roof shingles often take up the whole roof area.

    The number of shingles to use is dependent on the area coverage of a certain property.

    Aesthetically, we can have a certain shingle area around the roof and the result would likely be the same – minimal or no electrical bill at all.


    By design, shingles are smaller compared to solar panels.

    It is 12” x 86” and weighs around 13 lb per sq. ft. which makes it a durable roofing material.

    Repair And Maintenance

    As owners, we wanted to boost our property’s value and make it advance by having changes externally.

    When we have to choose between traditional roofing sheets and solar roof shingles, we should consider their need for repair and maintenance.

    Here are two things that we need to look out for about solar roof shingles:

    Solar Roof Shingles Get Slippery

    By design, solar roof shingles will be slippery when it is wet.

    The roof cells or shingles need to have a textured screen to avoid dirt, debris, dust, pollen, and smoke from sticking.

    This way, the roof will stay clean and free from any external damages during extreme weather changes.

    It is important to know that walking on a shingled roof is very dangerous.

    Also, we need to keep it clean by having routine maintenance done or performed by experts from our trusted solar panel company.

    Solar Roof Shingles Are Durable

    Solar roof shingles are very durable which can last for a long time when properly maintained and repaired from time to time.

    This type of roofing option is very strong in that it won’t crack unless it’s under extreme force.

    However, it is in our interest to check cracks and micro issues to avoid a bigger problem later on.

    Solar roof shingles may look good and attractive, but they can be dangerous when left unrepaired.

    Scheduling routine maintenance from a trusted solar panel company will be very beneficial to us and our devices.

    After all, a well-working solar roof shingle will make our day easier and faster.

    Partner With J.D. Solar Panel Solutions

    Owning a solar-powered property, whether a residential or commercial one is a big investment.

    Along with all its advantages, we need to make sure that it is working right and efficiently.

    Of course, partnering with an equipped professional is one way of ensuring that these solar roof shingles are free from any damages.

    J.D. Solar Panel Solutions is a company that offers solar services which are second to none.

    We have services from the production of the shingles to the installation and repair.

    We commit to quality work and even provide follow-ups on the whole process.

    For more information on our solar service, call our customer service team and we will give you offers you can’t resist.

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