Types Of Solar Roofing Products

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    Building infrastructure from scratch requires a lot of planning and intelligent work.

    As such, it’s only logical that the planning stage takes a lot of time, and any significant changes in the way can delay the finish line a bit longer.

    One such example is adding solar panels instead of integrating solar roofs directly.

    If you’ve always wanted to integrate solar power into your home, isn’t it better to get dual-purpose products in the market?

    Out of the many roofing materials you can choose from, different types of solar roofing products are available beforehand.

    All you need to do is plan out the addition during the construction phase of your home, so instead of getting the traditional asphalt roofs, you get solar roofs.

    You don’t need to wait for a significant time to start choosing energy from the sun.

    Professionals like our team from J.D. Solar Panel Solutions provide the most experienced technicians in the market.

    We can work with your construction team to plan and design the type of solar roofing products you want to integrate into your roofs.

    Now, you can move into your brand new home at the same time, start using solar energy to provide the electricity your home needs.

    We are a solar panel company in town.

    Solar roofing products

    Traditionally, there are two types of solar roofing products available for installation.

    Hundreds of brands and companies produce different innovations or models to offer to the market.

    To know which solar roofs to choose from, here are some types available for purchase:

    Solar panels

    Solar panels are large flat panels you need to install to gather solar energy.

    Most panels measure up to 5 feet in dimension; as such, it takes a lot of people to transport and carry these items around.

    Solar panels can come in various thicknesses and cell capacities, mostly in 60, 72, or 96 solar cells per panel.

    It’s also possible to install frameless panels to make the panels more bendable to the original roof structure of the property.

    You can choose the finish of the panels to match the original roofing aesthetic of the property.

    Solar shingles

    On the other hand, solar shingles are roof shingles that collect solar energy.

    Imagine a smaller and more cut-out version of a solar panel installed to the foundation of the roofing.

    If you want a sleeker roofing system, then the solar shingles give that benefit to make any infrastructure look more intact.

    Moreover, solar shingles are smaller in dimension, making them faster to install and set up.

    However, make no mistake; since the shingles encompass the roofing structure, you’ll need a lot of shingles to cover the property’s roofs.

    Panels vs. shingles: cost

    It is significantly more expensive to set up solar shingles than panels.

    It would be best if you had a lot of shingles to cover the roof, but each shingle that collects solar energy raises total costs.

    You’ll only need the correct number of solar panels to collect the same amount of energy.

    Overall, you’ll need more budget to install and integrate shingles than the panels.

    Panels vs. shingles: efficiency

    Since shingles are smaller than panels, it’s less efficient in terms of total energy collection.

    One big solar panel can collect a significant portion of daily energy demand.

    For shingles, you’ll need all shingles working together to collect the same amount of solar power.

    Moreover, it’s easier to tilt the angle of numbered panels to increase solar energy collection in contrast to built-in shingles in the roof.

    Make an appointment with our team to get started with panels or shingles

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    Our team has expertise in setting up different types of solar roofing products.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else for experts who can provide long-lasting installations.

    We also provide repairs and maintenance in case you notice any changes in the collection capacity of the system.

    A little bit of tweaking can bring back the maximum energy you can collect.

    Book a job with our team to get your service started as early as the construction phase of your home.

    At least by the time you want to move in, you are starting a clean slate to being solar-powered.

    Contact the local solar panel installers, J.D. Solar Panel.

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