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    The rise of solar panel systems also means there are many options to improve functionality and design.

    Just because solar panels are large devices doesn’t mean these items need to interrupt the aesthetic of your location.

    The presence of large panels on rooftops can seem off-putting and decrease the pleasing views of any establishment.

    Whether you have solar panels in the business or at your residence, keeping aesthetics and function is still an option.

    The introduction of frameless solar panels comes with a sleeker panel design.

    The traditional solar panels look bulky and more pronounced, making these items hard to miss from afar.

    Imagine large black panels with aluminum grids on the surface.

    It would look like you’re trying to cage your roof from an aerial view.

    With solar panels with no frames, you have more natural-looking installations at home or in business.

    Here at J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, we provide you with solar panel installation services to help you set up your frameless panels.

    Now, you can make it seem like you have invisible panels from atop without the bulky look from any frame.

    Let’s make your home or business pleasing to look at despite the large additions of items in the way.

    We are here to help you plan and install panels on your property.

    What are frameless solar panels?

    Frameless solar panels are solar panels that don’t use aluminum frames usually present in traditional panel models.

    The structure of the frameless panels rests on two glass panels that contain the solar cells, capturing the sun’s energy.

    Even if no frames support the solar cells, the panels still work as efficiently.

    If you view any rooftop in aerial view, there are only flat glass embossed panels on top of the roof.

    Make no mistake with the frameless design, though.

    Frameless panels work just as well as the traditional panels without missing the necessary installation mount support.

    Benefits of frameless panels

    If you’re thinking about switching to frameless panels, these are some of the advantages for you:

    Floating panels on the roof

    The very first impression of frameless panels is their floating-like appearance.

    It’s easier to blend in frameless panels with the roofing structure of any residence or commercial establishment.

    However, the lack of frames doesn’t necessarily mean there’s less support.

    The panels are still very durable, with other options for a good foundation.

    It goes with a lot of home design

    If you are keen on home design, adding a lot of things takes careful consideration.

    You may be maintaining a distinct look for a pre-sale viewing or showcase.

    Frameless panels go with a  lot of home styles.

    Rest assured, solar panels on top of your residence don’t take away the focus on the property.

    Easy to install

    Another thing to note is that frameless panels are easy to install.

    Instead of frames, you have strong mounts, drilled bolts, and clamps to keep the system in place.

    Setting up frameless panels doesn’t take a lot of work for your local panel installers.

    The lightweight and more compact design of the panels simplifies the installation process.

    Corrosion-less panels

    Metal frames always pave the way to rust and corrosion.

    A lot of things happen with constant sun exposure.

    Without metal frames, there’s likely no chance for corrosion damage.

    Schedule panel and glass mount maintenance regularly.

    Local solar panel installer in Los Angeles

    Here at J.D. Solar Panel Solutions, we are a team of professionals who can help you set up your frameless panels.

    We offer a lot of services, and we are available in L.A. for all residences and businesses.

    Let’s jumpstart your switch to solar power consumption in running the business or household.

    Give our team a call any time of the day.

    Call us for consultations and panel services in town

    Investing in professional services ensures that the frameless panels in your property last long.

    On top of our installation, we also offer other works.

    As a team of technicians, we can help you handle the most basic details and work of panel installation.

    We are the team that can cater to your needs at any time.

    All you need to do is contact us and inquire about frameless panels.

    Book your next appointment with us!

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